Masjid Renovations

The renovations will be done to the inside and outside of the Masjid building, and also paving the parking lot. Here are the details of the project:

A new roof will be built to replace the current leaking one.

We will be repairing and painting the building bricks to improve the intact of bricks and beautify the building.

A new fence will be added to the front the building surrounding the front area an the masjid parking lot across the street from the masjid.

A new room will be built to replace the garage door that exists in the back of the building and connected to the activity room.

Installing canopies at the masjid entrances.

Landscaping the land surrounding the masjid.

Leveling the lands in front of the masjid and across the masjid, paving and painting parking spots.

FIC side view image

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